Setup Wifi Connection of Canon Printer Using

Although there are multiple brands of printers in the market, Canon is the first choice of users when it comes to perfect print. Canon is well-known for its high-quality printing. In order to use the printer, the first step is its setup.

Canon Wireless LAN Setup 

  1. To establish the network setup of printer, firstly turn on the Power Button.
  2. Make sure that Green LED light must be stable in the printer.
  3. Press the Menu button and network screen will display.
  4. Different option will available on the screen, On this select the Wireless LAN setting option.
  5. Pop-up box will be seen on your printer screen
  6. Click on “OK” button, Choose the SSID settings – select the access point and choose the preferred network
  7. name from the list and the password.
  8. Wait till the printer display says connected, and click on “OK” button.

WPS Push Button

For the successful network connection setup, Click on the Wi-Fi button. The Wi-Fi button will easily find on the printer operational panel. Visit the router and find the WPS button. After two minutes, Press WPS button. The status of the printer will display as connected. Complete the configuration settings by click on the OK button.

Download Canon Printer Driver from Official Web Portal – IJ.START.CANON

  1. First and foremost, you have to access a web browser on your system. For this, you can access any of the web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
  2. Further, visit the setup web page of Canon printers. For this, you have to enter the “” in the address bar. Then, hit the “Setup” tab to proceed further with the setup process.
  3. After that, Canon will ask you to enter the product name of your inkjet printer in the required field. Carefully enters the product name and tap the “Go” button.
  4. In the next window, you first have to change the operating system. In order to change, click the operating system tab from the upper-right corner and make a selection from the drop-down menu.
  5. Once you are done, a list of Canon printer drivers as per your product will appear. Here, you have to select the printer driver and click the “Download” link provided beside the product.
  6. By doing so, your selected printer driver will start downloading on your system. You have to wait until the process gets successfully completed.
  7. After the successful completion of the download process, you will get the canon file in its default location i.e. Downloads folder.

Installation Procedure of Printer Driver

  1. First and foremost, turn on your computer. Then, connect it to a secure and stable internet connection to install Canon printer.
  2. Next, you should insert the installation CD. Then, download the “Driver” software by following on-screen prompts. Alternatively, you can download the “Driver” software directly from Canon’s official website.
  3. Once the download is finished, you can proceed to install Canon printer. For this, locate the downloaded Setup file. You will either find the Setup file in your system’s default download location i.e. “Downloads Folder”. You can find it by opening the “File Folder” from “Taskbar”. Here, look for the “Downloads Folder” under “Favorites” in the left panel. Alternatively, you will find it at your preferred download location.   
  4. Thereafter, double-click the Setup file to open it. 
  5. Now, click on the “Start Setup” button on the Setup Window. 
  6. The following screen will prompt you to Specify “Your Country/ Region”. Hence, select your country/ region appropriately from the list of given options. Then, click on “Next”.
  7. Next, it will redirect you to the “License Agreement” window. Hence, scroll it down to the bottom while reading the same to install Canon printer. Then, select “Yes”.
  8. Subsequently, it will take you to the window displaying the “Extended Survey Program”. Here, you will get two options. You may “Agree” or “Disagree” with it. Hence, select appropriately. However, in case if you agree to it. Then, Canon will have access to certain information recorded in your printer. Your computer will collect the information and send it to through the internet. Canon uses this information for the development and marketing of its products while maintaining the confidentiality of your data. 
  9. Next, it will take you to the windows showing “Firewall Settings”. Here, you must ensure that the “Deactivate the Block” option is duly selected. Then, click on “Next”.
  10. The following screen will provide you with information regarding your network connection and printer. Here, you must confirm that the details are correct. Thereafter, select “Yes” to install Canon printer.  
  11. Consequently, the Setup procedure will continue. However, depending upon your network router, you may get the  “Select wireless router” screen. Here, you should select your router from the available options. Then, type in its network key i.e. the password. Thereafter, click on “Next”.
  12. The Setup process will take some time. Meanwhile, it will temporarily disable your network connection.
  13. Subsequently, the next window will confirm that the “Network Connection” has been completed. Hence, click on “Next”
  14. Now, the following window will confirm that the Setup has been completed successfully. Here you have the option to make this printer your default printer. Hence, you should select this option. Then, click on “Next”. 
  15. Thereafter, you will get a few more windows on your screen. Here you have to simply proceed by clicking “Next” on them.
  16. Finally, it will take you to the last window. This window will confirm that the “Installation” has been completed successfully. Now hit the “Exit” button. 
  17. This concludes the process to install Canon printer for Windows OS.
  18. Now, restart your computer to confirm the installation.
  19. At last, connect your printer to the computer. Then, properly load plain A4 size sheets into your printer’s paper tray. Next, you should print a sample sheet to ensure that you have properly installed Canon printer Driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canon Printers frequently experience press-related problems by not printing and not notifying them. Printers are good at what time they work, but it aggravates us while they don’t work.

Canon Printer is not exclusively accountable for quality printing alone. There are some origin causes of a variety of factors that still require to be tested. troubles will differ from the print process to the software environment for

A paper jam regularly happens while the paper or other printed material gets intent in a canon design printer and cannot be removed. When this situation happens the printer does not work correctly until the paper is cleared.

The print can change depending on the pattern of the device, print method, difficulty of the document, software, type of paper used, and connectivity. The speed of processing has no link with the speed of printing. This may be because of the weak network.